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Updating “Scientific Publishing in Transition”

[Update: the new version has now been released: see The STM Report]

I’m about to start an update/revision of the “Scientific Publishing in Transition” paper I wrote for ALPSP/STM in 2006, which attempted to provide an overview of journals publishing issues with data taken from published papers and reports etc.

Obviously there’s been a lot of developments in the last three years. If anyone would like to suggest topics and/or published papers, reports etc. that should be covered in the new edition I’d be very grateful for the suggestions. Similarly, any suggested corrections or amendments to the existing text would be welcome.

In the interests of open discussion I’m suggesting responses could be posted as comments to this blog entry, thus collecting them together in one place. But straight responses to the list or private emails to me are equally welcome!


Houghton report on Open Access published released

The JISC-funded report “Economic Implications of Alternative Scholarly Publishing Models: Exploring the costs and benefits” by John Houghton et al. was released today:

press release
full report (pdf)

From the report:

A reduction of revenue to the publishing industry, should it arise, would imply a reduction of activity and employment in the industry. Such adjustments are difficult for those concerned, but an economy is a dynamic system and, over the business cycle, is likely to achieve something close to ‘full employment’. As a result, the capital and labour no longer employed in publishing would be employed in an alternative activity. Given the relative size of the publishing industry and the rate at which alternative publishing models are being adopted, it is unlikely that the UK economy would have difficulty adjusting to such a change

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