Richard Charkin to move from Macmillan to Bloomsbury

Macmillan has just announced that Richard Charkin will leave his position as CEO of Macmillan (part of the privately held Holtzbrinck Group) to join Bloomsbury as Executive Director:

Richard Charkin moves on after ten years at Macmillan
26 September 2007: Macmillan announced today that Richard Charkin will leave his post as CEO after exactly ten years with the company. He will take up a new position as Executive Director of Bloomsbury plc on Monday 1 October 2007.

Richard commented, “It is exactly ten years since I accepted the job as Chief Executive of Macmillan and it has been the best ten years of my career. I have been able to work in a company with strong values and traditions owned by a family committed to quality, innovation and autonomy

Apparently this means an end to Charkin’s delightful Chark Blog, though surely this can’t be allowed to happen?

What it means is that I won’t have to think of something to write about every morning on this blog. Just for the record we’ve had 1,137,267 visitors and generated $338.37 in advertising income. More importantly I’ve made new friends, learned tons and had fun. Thanks to all of you and pip pip from charkinblog.

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