Eric Schmidt Defines Web 3.0

Just when you thought you knew what Web 2.0 was …

Eric Schmidt Defines Web 3.0:

Google CEO Eric Schmidt was recently at the Seoul Digital Forum and he was asked to define Web 3.0 by an audience member. After first joking that Web 2.0 is “a marketing term”, Schmidt launched into a great definition of Web 3.0. He said that while Web 2.0 was based on Ajax, Web 3.0 will be “applications that are pieced together” – with the characteristics that the apps are relatively small, the data is in the cloud, the apps can run on any device (PC or mobile), the apps are very fast and very customizable, and are distributed virally (social networks, email, etc).

Most scientific publishers probably think of Web 3.0 (if at all) in terms of the semantic web. To quote from the Wikipedia entry:

… the semantic web is expected to revolutionize scientific publishing, such as real-time publishing and sharing of experimental data on the Internet. This simple but radical idea is now being explored by W3C HCLS group’s Scientific Publishing Task Force.

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  1. 1 Joel 22 August 2007 at 2:06 pm

    Oh brother…Web 2.0 is a “marketing term”, but if you jump ahead and call it Web 3.0 it is interesting and cool? I think Eric Schmidt gave us a great illustration of the problem with community defined, ambiguous technology terms.

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