uBioRSS – Track the latest research by taxon or species

uBioRSS looks a very interesting development. From Matthew Cockerill’s post on the BioMedCentral blog:

uBioRSS is a nifty service from the MBLWHOI Library at Woods Hole, which harvests bibliographic information about new articles from publishers’ RSS feeds, and then passes them through the uBio taxonomic classification system which identifies any species that are mentioned in the article, and classifies the article appropriately.

This makes it possible to browse the literature taxonomically, so that, for example you might view a list of all the latest articles on cetaceans far more easily than can be done using plain text search.

uBioRSS is a great example of the way in which semantic enrichment can add value to the literature

Of course it’s not new for third parties to add tagging to content e.g. to improve the search experience (e.g. product names – Google Product Search, place names – MetaCarta, etc.) but this is a nice example of what can be easily done with STM content. I’m sure this sort of thing will become increasingly common.

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